You have an idea ?


Dev-id helps you as a technical expert, with a specific offer:

Preliminary Draft


And not the other way around ! The Preliminary Draft is the elaboration of your graphic identity (naming, logo, baseline,…), the technical specifications of the feasibility, the POC with Invision, and a technical roadmap.

This roadmap which is so important to your forecast…

MLP (Minimum Lovable Product)


We base ourselves on the preliminary project to realize the first functional version of your project and allow you to move quickly to the proof of concept.

A beautiful product for real indicators.


“I have an idea: I’m going to see dev-id !”

We are entrepreneurs who help future entrepreneurs to move from the idea to the startup by following all the stages of our startupper’s journey. Our action perfectly fits with those of accelerators and incubators.

On the first meeting, we learn to know you and your project. We can then run on a project that takes 5 to 6 weeks. Once a week, we present you our creations, you validate, and we go the same for every weeks.

Thanks to the preliminary draft, you get all the cards in hand to get financing and we will help you to get them thanks to our partners !

Did you get your financing ? Congratulations, you can now move on to the realization phase !

Nothing is easier for us because everything has already been validated in the preliminary draft. We transfer your project to our developers who are responsible for coding our solution. You will be in possession not of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) but of an MLP (Minimum Lovable Product). This first functional version is not a test but a real V1 including the entire UI/UX and the vital features of the application !

Your MLP is realized, it is the time to get started on your market and prove your concept ! A few more efforts and you will be a startup ! If necessary, we are able to help you getting fundraising, to help you have your first indicators and have your first customers !

Congratulations, you made it ! You are now a startup, all you have to do is develop with dev-id ! Now that you are well established, we help you in your development with our solution of outsourcing: on a basis of 3 months, we allocate you development time, design and advice usable to your request and reportable over the following months if necessary.


Our network

Wherever we go, we meet companies, associations, incubators and financial institutions that are committed to creating value in their territories.

We have decided to include ourselves in this ecosystem and to identify for you those who seem to us the most consistent for each step of your project. Some of them are working with us on a joint offer.